Black Angus & Wagyu @ Rive Gauche

We serve premium meat from the world‘s best breeders. The corn and grain fed, wet matured beef from the Midwest of the United States unique in Zurich. Our wagyu beef has high marbeling grades. 

The meat is grilled in our ovens at temperatures up to 800 °C where it unfolds its incomparable aromas while it remains juicy and tender.

best of black angus

Rive Gauche "Private Selection", 100% Black Angus, cattled aged 18-24 months,
corn fed for 120 days, wet aged


CHF 59/71/81

N.Y. Strip

CHF 52/69/78

Rib Eye

CHF 64/78/86

Flank Steak

CHF 45

Wagyu Beef


CHF 97

Rib Eye

CHF 114

Add to the meat dish

Surf & Turf

CHF 9 per piece
Pan-fried giant shrimps

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