Fish and Seafood

Pump up the bass

CHF 55
Grilled fillet of sea bass with caponata, mussel emulsion

Tuned tuna

CHF 43
Grilled steak of tuna with herbs

Found Nemo

CHF 36
Grilled organic Irish salmon

Gump's Shrimp

CHF 43
Pan-friend giant shrimp

  • Rive Gauche Terrasse

    Enjoy the spring preview. We are open & looking forward to welcoming you on our Terrasse!

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  • WineEmotion

    With our new WineEmotion we can now offer exclusive wines by the glass. Have you ever tried an Ornellaia by the glass?

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  • Rive Gauche Business Lunch

    From Monday to Friday between 11.30 am and 2 pm, we are offering the Rive Gauche Business Lunch.

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